Sunday, June 24, 2012

another battle...

I have been away for a while. sorry.  I have not been in the best place. Of is about my weight, again.  I have had some success with the HCG drops but then decided that round 1 which was an 18 pound loss, was a great kickstart and that I must do it the right way now. When I say the right way, I mean, the right way for me.  It truly does boil down to hard work, exercise and eating healthier.  I have several incentives:

1.  My body is a temple and it belongs to Him.  1 Corinthians 6:19-20
2.  My little girl is amazing and a ball of energy and a great inspiration!  I don't want her to do what I have done and go where I have gone and suffer the way I have.
3.  Due to my promotion to Director of my Thirty-One business I will be walking the stage at  National Conference in August. quite a motivation. You walk in front of thousands while being projected onto a jumbotron.  Yes, motivation.
4. My family is going on a cruise next year to celebrate my sister getting married.  Bathing suits, cocktail dresses, hellllerrrrr!

So. Yesterday I went to my Zumba class and did a decent job of eating well. Today, Zumba again and another attempt at eating healthier.  I am a snacker. I love to snack. I love to eat lots of little things that really are just plain trash. The things that are in my pantry that I have not used restraint from eating.  Truth be told, if it is not in the cabinet I have been known to drive just for that little bag of sugar.

I have two other areas that are wearing me down and working me over.
1. My home, is a clutter zone. I could almost be featured on an episode of A&E's Hoarders.  Before the bile starts to rise in your is not that bad. But there are piles. Piles of papers. In every room.  I can not seem to find the proper home for these papers so I pile them. It sounds easy right? Find a proper home and throw everything else away. Well...not for me. I am working through it. I call it "Fifty Stacks of Papers." Seriously!

2.  My finances. I have a really great job but commute 62 miles roundtrip. Twice per week I fill up my gas tank at $60-$75 per fill up.  Which ends up being $480-$600 per month. Yes, per month. We have accrued some medical bills and now...we are broke. So, I am faced with quitting my job. I can work part time and work my amazing Thirty-One business and make the same amount of salary without paying all of that gas money. AND....actually have a little time to take care of my Fifty Piles, and have an orderly home AND pick my girl up from school at a decent hour rather than 5:00-6:00pm.  Sounds like I have figured out my last two issues! Now, if I can just conquer the snacking...I would be one hot momma with a house that sparkles and save some trees while I am at it!

See you soon!

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