Monday, June 25, 2012

A day in the life that I want...

Today I took a planned day off of work. I purchased a massage through groupon almost a year ago and was able to schedule it for today.  I woke up at 6:30am instead of 5:30am and had my coffee and devotion time. Then I woke baby girl up and get her ready for school.  It is only a 10 minute drive so I was home by 8:30am and was able to participate in my first Thirty-One Director's Call. It is during the work week for me so it was amazing to be able to be a part of it rather than hearing it later (since it is recorded).  Then I sorted out two show orders to deliver, did a little laundry, then set off for my massage. 
Can I tell you about this massage?  It was at Touch of Tranquility in Murfreesboro. The therapist, Angie Cruz, is delightful! Her space is decorated in soothing Blues, crisp whites and lacquered blacks. The lighting was dim and there was a mini waterfall along with relaxing music.  The headrest had peppermint essential oil to help prevent getting a stuffed up nose. The table was warm and had a faux fur blanket. The massage was lovely. I felt like I had been transported to the shore, you know the feeling when you are laying in the shore and the tide pulls on you and then releases you? That is what if felt like!  Ahhhh-mazing! When it was finished she met me at the door with more water and we sat down and chatted for a few minutes.  I did not feel rushed.  I felt relaxed and quite frankly, appreciated as a customer! After trying out multiple massage therapists through Groupon...I think I finally found The One. I highly, highly, highly recommend that you call her!  (615) 578-3367.

After my Thirty-One deliveries I picked up my a decent hour rather than her being the last one in after care. 
I absolutley feel, well...accomplished, relaxed, and rested. Amazing what a good massage and working at what you truly love will do for you physically and mentally!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

another battle...

I have been away for a while. sorry.  I have not been in the best place. Of is about my weight, again.  I have had some success with the HCG drops but then decided that round 1 which was an 18 pound loss, was a great kickstart and that I must do it the right way now. When I say the right way, I mean, the right way for me.  It truly does boil down to hard work, exercise and eating healthier.  I have several incentives:

1.  My body is a temple and it belongs to Him.  1 Corinthians 6:19-20
2.  My little girl is amazing and a ball of energy and a great inspiration!  I don't want her to do what I have done and go where I have gone and suffer the way I have.
3.  Due to my promotion to Director of my Thirty-One business I will be walking the stage at  National Conference in August. quite a motivation. You walk in front of thousands while being projected onto a jumbotron.  Yes, motivation.
4. My family is going on a cruise next year to celebrate my sister getting married.  Bathing suits, cocktail dresses, hellllerrrrr!

So. Yesterday I went to my Zumba class and did a decent job of eating well. Today, Zumba again and another attempt at eating healthier.  I am a snacker. I love to snack. I love to eat lots of little things that really are just plain trash. The things that are in my pantry that I have not used restraint from eating.  Truth be told, if it is not in the cabinet I have been known to drive just for that little bag of sugar.

I have two other areas that are wearing me down and working me over.
1. My home, is a clutter zone. I could almost be featured on an episode of A&E's Hoarders.  Before the bile starts to rise in your is not that bad. But there are piles. Piles of papers. In every room.  I can not seem to find the proper home for these papers so I pile them. It sounds easy right? Find a proper home and throw everything else away. Well...not for me. I am working through it. I call it "Fifty Stacks of Papers." Seriously!

2.  My finances. I have a really great job but commute 62 miles roundtrip. Twice per week I fill up my gas tank at $60-$75 per fill up.  Which ends up being $480-$600 per month. Yes, per month. We have accrued some medical bills and now...we are broke. So, I am faced with quitting my job. I can work part time and work my amazing Thirty-One business and make the same amount of salary without paying all of that gas money. AND....actually have a little time to take care of my Fifty Piles, and have an orderly home AND pick my girl up from school at a decent hour rather than 5:00-6:00pm.  Sounds like I have figured out my last two issues! Now, if I can just conquer the snacking...I would be one hot momma with a house that sparkles and save some trees while I am at it!

See you soon!