Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Intentional Marketing with Unintentional (?) Grief

Intentional Marketing with Unintentional Grief

I was attempting to look through my daughter’s agenda (a fancy word for a $97 spiral book that I also had to buy the binder for that my daughter draws “the type of day she had” with a green happy face, a yellow flat mouth face or the red sad face.) Before I could open the agenda my baby girl handed me a glossy tri-fold booklet that was given to her today at school. See, an organization, a highly reputable organization visited her school with some music and skits and information about their program that relies strictly on donations.  Baby Girl says to me “Mommy! If you sign this then I will get a pair of light up glasses and a CD!”

Uh-oh.  Upon reading I realized that this was a monthly gift, that at this time we truly can not afford, and therefore my baby girl was going to be very sad and disappointed.  Great. I can see it now. She will now know the definition of haves and have not’s.  She will now see that she can’t always get what she wants…which is not a bad thing, except for the way it was presented. “Hey kids…do you want these super duper ultra cool light up glasses?????”  Have your parents sign and return this form.  That’s it…and you get these awesome one of a kind fabulous glasses!  Why didn’t they explain that there was more to it than me signing a form? Why didn’t they explain that it would be a monthly gift of $35.  Why didn’t they explain that we are already rubbing pennies together to pay for this private education and we may not be able to take on this extra $35?  How do I explain this one without breaking her heart, or her spirit?

Will they be there to catch her tears when she has to sit in class while the other kids "whose parents only had to sign a form" go forth and grab their cool sunglasses?  Hmm?  Will they be there to help her stand strong when the other kids flash those expensive shades at her and ask where hers are?  Will be there to pick her up off of the floor when those same kids tell her how mean her parents are and that they must not love her enough?

Shame on them for the grief they have inflicted upon me….(and the embarrassment). 

And since I am on my high horse (is there any other way to travel?) let me talk to those makers of the  lip glosses and miniature Disney characters that are child eye level in the check out counter. Seriously????

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