Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Three days of being a slug created a monster in me!

I had a little itty bitty teensy weensy female surgery on Friday morning and took complete advantage of the fact that I had permission to rest. I rested on and off all of Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I am a firm believer that you can truly never have enough naps...but three days of taking it easy (well, I rested between loads of laundry, throwing away four garbage bags full of stuff...can you say "hoarder"?) took a toll on me. Tonight, the monster came out! I attacked my pantry with gusto. Man...I wish I had taken a before picture. Not for your eyes, I would be far too embarrassed for that! I threw away more stuff and have a stack of Pampered Chef  cookbooks, a few pieces of stoneware, a mini micro cooker and a cutting board ready to sell or give away.  I felt so empowered that I peered around, quietly stalking my next victim. A hunter hunting her prey. I feel a bit like Bella in Breaking Dawn during her first hunt as a newborn vampire. Crouching slowly and deliberately I pounced on the cabinets under my sink.  It didn't even have a chance. I swiped it so skillfully that it didn't even see me coming. Hmph, I am that good.   I completely reworked that space into serious shape.  Here is the thing, after reading some more of It's All Too Much by my good pal PW (Pete Walsh...yes, we have moved on to initials, don't be jealous...it's all good) I realized that for some reason I have everything that I don't need or use right within my reach. The things I use daily or weekly are way up high.  Seriously? Seriously.  So I switched things around and although it sounds easy...it's not.  But rewarding? Ahhhhh!

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